Case Number: RMVC-05-04-2010

Gender: Female     Age: 70

History: She is not aware of any family history of vein problems. Her leg pain had been so severe that she required narcotic pain medication to control the pain prior to her treatment plan.

Occupation: Mother and homemaker

Symptoms: She started noticing lower extremity swelling about four years ago, and then for two years has been plagued with progressive leg pain. Interestingly, she has never had visible bulging of her varicose veins.

Treatment: We recommended a lower extremity venous ultrasound to help understand the source and cause of her symptoms.

Our findings prompted recommendation for Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT) of both greater saphenous veins (GSV), and the right accessory vein (ASV). After the closure of these veins she required 2 sessions of Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy to complete her treatment plan.

Care Recommendations: Following our successful procedures she no longer required narcotic pain medications. She was encouraged to walk daily, and engage in light to moderate exercise.