Dr. Johnson Chosen to Participate in Annual Vein Conference

Dr. Johnson was recently chosen by his fellow doctors at The American College of Phlebology to participate in their 26th Annual International Conference in Hollywood, Florida. The first certified Diplomate of the American Board of Phlebology in Montana and Wyoming, Dr. Johnson was excited at the prospect, “It’s quite an honor to be chosen to present with such a distinguished group of experts from around the world.”

The ACP’s 26th Annual Congress will provide vein health practitioners with the latest techniques, innovative and engaging content, interaction with respected faculty from around the world, and opportunities for doctors of all levels of skill and knowledge to gain the tools needed to improve patient care.

Dr. Johnson will lead a distinguished panel of experts from around the world on a 90-minute discussion panel about Ulcer & Wound Care. The panelists include; Dr. Hugo Partsch from Wein, Austria, Dr. Giovanni Mosti from Lucca, Italy, Dr. Phillip Hertzman, from Los Alamos, NM, and Dr. Mark Forrestal from Arlington Heights, IL. They will discuss Post-Thrombotic Syndrome, Deep Venous Obstruction, and Perforator Management & Diagnosis. Dr. Johnson was asked to lead this discussion because of his experience and in-depth knowledge in this area.

Dr. Johnson has also been asked to be an instructor, along with seven other medical professionals, for an Ambulatory Phlebectomy Workshop. The purpose of this workshop is to demonstrate the proper techniques and skill sets to other physicians wanting to either learn or improve their skills.

The regional leader in venous care, Dr. Johnson founded RMVC on the principles of providing superior cutting-edge care delivered in a warm, friendly and caring environment. This philosophy has allowed it to grow rapidly this past year, attracting top-notch physicians and doubling its treatment facilities. “Since 2006, RMVC has performed over 6,000 vein procedures,” Dr. Johnson remarks, “a claim no other facility in the region can make.”

Ultrasound & Your Vein Treatment

One of the first things that you will have done when you visit the Rocky Mountain Vein Clinic is the physician or physician assistant you meet with will order an ultra- sound. Ultrasound is the gold standard for the diagnosis of vein disease and for imaging during vein treatments. There is no other test that can provide such detailed information about the function of your veins. The quality of the ultrasound is very important in diagnosing vein disease and determining the best way to treat it, and a number of factors affect that quality.

The ultrasounds done at our clinic by Big Sky Ultrasound are very detailed. The information that is provided by the ultrasound has been tailored specifically to the treatment process and to giving the most complete picture possible of the venous system. Ultrasound is different than other medical imaging, in that it is very dependent on the training and skill of the technologist performing the exam.

All of the technologists at Big Sky Ultrasound are registered vascular technologists (RVT’s) or are registered with the American Registry of Diagnostic
Medical Sonographers (RDMS) and all are highly knowledgeable about vascular disease.

The vein procedures that you receive at the clinic are very specialized. The ultrasound technologist not only has to understand the principles of ultrasound, but also needs to have specialized knowledge and under- standing of the procedures that are done at the clinic and of their possible complications. This assures the highest quality of care and is why ultrasounds done from outside our facility may not be diagnostic for our purposes.

Ultrasound is essentially pain free and is usually performed with the patient lying down or standing. Ultrasound gel is applied to the skin and the ultrasound transducer is moved over the skin to formulate an image.

Ultrasound & Your Vein Treatment

Measurements of the vein size and length are recorded. Vein characteristics are also identified and blood flow within the vein is evaluated to determine valve function.

The knowledge of these elements allows Rocky Mountain Vein Clinic and the technologists of Big Sky Ultrasound to use ultrasound to diagnose, treat and follow-up vein disease, to alleviate your vein symptoms, and improve your quality of life.


RMVC would like to welcome Physician Assistant, Jennifer Williams, to our team.

With two registered nurses and a doctor in the family, it’s no wonder Williams chose to pursue medicine as her profession. Her desire to constantly learn and be challenged dovetails well with our philosophy of providing superior cutting-edge vein care using the latest technology available.

Jennifer attended Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, where she received her M.S. in 1998. She relocated to Cody with her family in 1999. Williams will play an important role at RMVC, by assisting Dr. Bo Johnson, M.D., in providing primary venous treatment procedures at our Cody office.

Vascular Solutions Selects RMVC as Training Center

Vascular Solutions, one of the premier manufacturers of lasers for treating venous disease, has again selected Rocky Mountain Vein Clinic (RMVC) as one of its training facilities.

Dr. Johnson, and his staff, will train doctors seeking experience and expertise in the treatment and management of venous disease, on how to successfully use the Endovascular Laser technology to produce successful patient outcomes.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to use our skill and experience to train new doctors on cutting-edge venous care techniques,” said Dr. Johnson.

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