TOPIC: Compression Stockings

  • Employees at Rocky Mountain Vein Clinic are trained to measure your legs correctly in order to fit you with the appropriate size of compression stockings.
  • Graduated compression stockings help venous disease by creating the most compression at the ankles and the least amount at the top of the thighs. The pressure of the stocking constricts the diameter of the vein and reduces the amount of blood flowing back down into the legs.
  • We have a 30-day return/exchange policy for stockings as long as you return them in the original box and they have been hand-washed.
  • Stockings that have been torn, have a puncture hole or run caused by sharp objects or fingers, or snags caused from use can NOT be returned.
  • Stockings will last longer if they are hand-washed with a mild soap.
  • If worn daily, the compression will last about 6-9 months.
  • Gloves are your best friend! Simple exam gloves, kitchen gloves, gardening gloves, or any kind of glove with grip in the finger area make a world of difference when putting on your stockings. The tightest compression is in the ankle, so that extra grip will help you pull up the stockings.
  • We also have stocking donners available for anyone with limited range of motion or strength to make it easier to put your stockings on-just ask us!
  • If you find the stocking starting to roll down or slip, we have a roll-on body adhesive called It Stays that will help hold up the stocking band all day.
  • We know they can be difficult to wear, but they are not impossible – don’t give up! We will work with you to find a stocking just right for you.

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