Vascular Solutions again Selects Rocky Mountain Vein Clinic as Premier Training Facility

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Rocky Mountain Vein Clinic again Selected as Premier Training Facility by Vascular Solutions

Vascular Solutions Selects Rocky Mountain Vein Clinic again for Premier Training Facility

Billings, Montana May 14, 2012 – Vascular Solutions, one of the premier manufacturers of lasers for treating venous disease, has again selected Rocky Mountain Vein Clinic (RMVC) as one of its training facilities. The distinction means that doctors wanting to gain experience and expertise in the use of lasers for the successful treatment and management of venous disease will be trained by Dr. James L. “Bo” Johnson II, MD, FACS, and the skilled staff at RMVC.

The regional leader in the treatment of venous disease, RMVC has performed over three thousand vein procedures – a claim no other facility in the region can make. “We are honored to have the opportunity to use our skill and experience to train new doctors on cutting-edge venous care techniques,” remarked Dr. Bo Johnson, founder of RMVC.

The only comprehensive, dedicated vein care clinic in the region, RMVC has faced overwhelming patient demand. In the past year alone, RMVC has doubled its treatment facilities in Billings, as well as added two new top-notch physicians. “I founded RMVC on the principle of providing superior, cutting- edge care in a warm, friendly, and caring environment,” said Dr. Johnson, “and patients have responded positively.”

Dr. Johnson, and his staff, will train doctors seeking experience and expertise in the treatment and management of venous disease, on how to successfully use the Endovascular Laser technology to produce successful patient outcomes. “We are grateful for this opportunity for another year,” commented Dr. Johnson, “which we believe is a reflection of the quality of patient care and the successful outcomes that we provide here at RMVC.”

About Rocky Mountain Vein Clinic:

Dr. Bo Johnson is the Medical Director of Rocky Mountain Vein Clinic, based in Cody, Wyoming and Billings, Montana. The Rocky Mountain Vein Clinic specializes in treating varicoseveins and vein diseases using Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT) and RFRadiofrequency(VNUS) Closure®.

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