Developed by Medtronic, the VenaSeal Closure System was designed to improve blood flow by sealing-or-closing the diseased vein. It delivers a small amount of a specifically formulated medical adhesive to the diseased vein. The vein is sealed with adhesive and the blood is rerouted through other veins. What makes the VenaSeal system unique is that it uses adhesive rather than heat to close the vein. It also requires only one needle stick of numbing medicine versus multiple sticks required in other types of treatments. In addition, in most cases, no compression stockings are required after the procedure.

The vein will be marked using a skin marker. Local anesthesia will then be given at the catheter entry site to numb the area. The doctor will then access the vein through either a small incision or skin puncture. Once the vein is accessed, the catheter is inserted and advanced to the treatment starting point. The catheter’s position is verified using ultrasound. VenaSealadhesive is then delivered along the length of the targeted vein segment. The proprietary catheter is highly visible under the ultrasound, for precise delivery of the adhesive.

Key Benefits of VenaSeal™

  • Improves blood flow by sealing —or closing—the diseased vein
  • Delivers a small amount of a specially formulated medical adhesive to the diseased vein
  • Seals the vein with adhesive and blood is rerouted through other veins
  • Only one small incision site is required
  • Performed under local anesthesia
  • Immediate relief of leg discomfort and unsightly bulging veins
  • Resume most normal activities as soon as you leave the clinic
  • Usually does not require wearing compression stockings post-treatment

Who might not be a good candidate for VenaSeal™ treatment?

The VenaSeal closure system should not be used in patients who have a known hypersensitivity to the VenaSeal closure system’s adhesive, acute inflammation of the veins due to blood clots, or acute whole-body infection. Once an ultrasound and detailed vein mapping have been completed, the doctor will discuss the best treatment options available and whether the VenaSeal Closure System is right for you based on your current medical condition and lifestyle goals.

VenaSeal™ Video

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