Kind Word from Our Patients

Dr. Johnson performed Radio Frequency Ablation on my first leg and 4 months later performed the VenaSeal procedure on my other leg. Absolutely no comparison-VenaSeal was a piece of cake compared to the Radio Frequency Ablation. With VenaSeal I had NO pain after the procedure. I actually had to set a timer for several days to remind me to walk! There was very little bruising, only 1 little needle stick per vein and I did not have to wear the compression stockings. Following my one month appointment and ultrasound there are still no reminders in my VenaSeal leg that there was ever any sort of procedure performed other than my symptoms before the procedure are gone!!
– Sandy T.

I would highly recommend Dr. Johnson and his staff without any reservations. I have been to both the Cody and Billings facility. They are extremely professional and personable.
– Russel J.

Friendly and professional staff! They exceeded my expectations with my result.
– Jennifer K.

I am SO happy and thankful for the wonderful results! I could not be happier and feel so much better! Your professionalism and wonderful staff made the experience a breeze! Thank you!
– Jenny K

This staff is a working TEAM of knowledgeable and caring individuals. Thanks for everything.
– Linda

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