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Case Number: RMVC-08-24-2010

Gender: Female      Age: 56 History: A physical therapist works full time standing for extended periods of time in her practice. Her lower extremity symptoms of aching leg pain, swelling, cramping, and restlessness had bothered her for at least 16 years before coming to Rocky Mountain Vein Clinic for evaluation and treatment. Occupation: Mother and […]

Case Number: RMVC-05-15-2007

Gender: Female      Age: 29 History: Both her mother and grandparents had varicose vein problems. Occupation: Waitress and mother of three Symptoms: Her waitress job required extended periods of time standing. She complained of adverse lower extremity symptoms of bulging veins, legs aching, and feeling tired and heavy at the end of the day. Treatment: […]

Case Number: MS-12-02-2013

Gender: Male       Age: 61 History: Suffering from leg pain for the past 15 years. He does not have a family history of venous insufficiency. Occupation: Metal Fabricator, Rancher Symptoms: His lower extremity symptoms include a bulging varicosity on his left lower leg associated with achiness, cramping, and itchiness. He also describes restlessness and […]

Case Number: SH-01-17-14

Gender: Female      Age: 57 History: Patient complains of progressive bulging varicose veins in her legs for over 10 years. She suffered an episode of phlebitis in her left leg several years ago. Occupation: Office setting requiring prolonged sitting Symptoms: Patient reports severe aching leg pain and intolerable itching over the varicosity on her left […]