***Update 5-12-20****

At RMVC, the safety of our patients and staff is our top priority. Below is an outline of the procedures and precautions we are taking to do our part and prevent the spread of COVID 19. 

  1. Patient Considerations
    • Practice patient social distancing.
      • Chairs in waiting rooms will be spaced to allow for acceptable distance between people in the waiting area
      • Patients will be asked to wait in cars when possible
      • One person at a time will be allowed at the front desk to check-in and out
      • Patients are taken directly to a clean exam room
      • Visitors are not allowed to accompany patients unless absolutely necessary to conduct the visit
      • Telehealth is available when appropriate
    • Patients will be asked to bring their own mask
      • If the patient does not have a mask one of the facilities clean handmade masks will be made available
      • Patients who cannot wear a mask will be asked to reschedule
    • Patients will be kept in the same exam room whenever possible if they are scheduled for more than one exam
    • Patients will be screened according to current guidelines on multiple occasions
      • Phone screening at the reminder
      • Prior to entry into the building
      • Patients who fail screening will be asked to reschedule
  2. Building Modifications
    • Hand sanitizer at the front door (required use for people to enter the building)
    • Signs on door
    • Remove snacks and drinks, magazines, etc in lobby
    • Hand washing guidance in each bathroom
    • Sanitizing signs are put at each sanitizing station
    • Stop the spread of germs signs throughout the facility
    • Cleaning and disinfecting
      • Use CDC’s guidelines
        1. Front desk after every patient
        2. Lobby every day
        3. Exam room between each patient
        4. Bathrooms after each use
        5. Clean commonly used electronics frequently
  3. Staff considerations
    • Required to wear masks while in the building
    • Clinical staff will bring scrubs to work and change prior to and after each shift
    • Aggressive hand hygiene between each patient
    • Practice social distancing between co-workers as much as possible


Dr. James L. Johnson, II
Medical Director
Rocky Mountain Vein Clinics